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Top 10 Episodes of TCEA’s Ed Tech Club Podcast

byAndrew Roush
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TheEd Tech Clubis TCEA’s weekly podcast all about the intersection of education and technology. And we’re not just discussing the nuts and bolts of tech tools, we’re going even deeper to uncover strategies, methods, and more.

Each week, we’re joined by educators and experts to talk about everything from big ideas to useful tips for your most-used ed tech resources. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to some of the most exciting trends in ed tech.

Looking for some learning-centric listening to relax with during your spring break? Check out our top 10 most popular episodes below. And don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest episodes each week.

Gerry Brooks on Comedy and Community | Ep. 24

In this episode, we chat with viral sensation Gerry Brooks, a TCEA 2020 Featured Presenter, on his path to national recognition and using comedy to connect.


The “Tech Rabbi” joins us to explore how to ignite innovating thinking.

Elementary Ed Tech with Jenallee | Ep. 39

The education duo known as Jenallee takes us on a journey to make tech work in the elementary classroom.

Fake News and Digital Literacy with Jennifer LaGarde | Ep. 27

The Library Girl herself, Jennifer LaGarde, takes us through the challenges of building digital literacy.

Art and Student Empowerment During Remote Learning | Ep. 33

Art teacher Galen McQuillen discusses teaching art remotely, responding to the changing education environment, and how to build student agency no matter what.

Leading at Every Level with Principal Baruti Kafele | Ep. 34

School leadership expert Principal Baruti Kafele reveals the power of communication and rediscovering your “why.”

Amazing Educational Resources with Nick Hoover | Ep. 59

In this episode, we talk about Nick’s website, Amazing Educational Resources, and how remote and hybrid teaching might affect teaching and learning in the long term.

Millennials, Gen Z, and Lifelong Education | Ep. 21

Andrew Savikis of getAbstract stops by to delve into the results of the company’s 2020 survey and what it can tell us about generational attitudes toward learning.

Establishing Remote Learning Norms w/ Diana Benner | Ep. 52

TCEA’s ownDiana Bennertakes us through ways to set up expectations while teaching and learning remotely.

Fliphunts for Remote Learning | Ep. 47

Our professional development team returns, this time withDr. Bruce Ellisexploring creative ways to usefliphunts.

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